Apple has pushed out a new ad for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus today, which heavily focuses on the benefits of 3D Touch. Specifically, the ad explains Peek and Pop, along with all of the ways it can simplify little tasks you do on your phone.

The ad runs through a few different Peek and Pop scenarios, from checking flight information from a flight number and looking at a map of a restaurant in the Messages app, to previewing an Instagram post. Jamie Foxx even pops up for a humorous bit where he uses Peek and Pop to listen to his own music in the Music app. When all of it is wrapped up, Apple goes to the tagline for its latest iPhone duo: The only thing that's changed is everything.

We're sure to see many more iPhone 6s ads in the months ahead, but be sure to check out the latest in the embed above.

Source: Apple (YouTube)