Engadget (via jailbreaking maestros, ZiPhone) is reporting that the newly released iPhone SDK Beta 3 has some code inside that refers to "SGOLD3", which they are guessing may be the upcoming successor to Infineon's S-GOLD-2 chip inside the current iPhone. What will S-GOLD-3 offer?

7.2Mbps HSDPA chip with all the video acceleration and media playback features iPhone users have come to expect. Advantages over its predecessor include higher resolution camera support (5 megapixels instead of 2), a 2x speed MMC / SD interface and DVB-H module support

Deep digging Apple code has provided clues to everything from iTunes Movie Rentals to new Apple product models in the past, so could ZiPhone be on to something here? Or is everyone just completely 3G crazy these days? What do you think?