The Inquirer is rumormongering that the fabled iPhone 3G (in this case, iPhone version 3, rocking 3G HSDPA data speeds) will, like big brother Mac before it, be undergoing a brain transplant. And Intel once again has the technology.

Crutching itself on a CeBIT slide showing Intel's MID (mobile internet device) roadmap, they point to a very conspicuous iPhone image in the bottom right corner. Wassup indeed?

The lucky chip is prognosticated to be a second-gen Atom, code-named Moorestown, Intel's 45nm integrated memory, video/graphics engine, with optional Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and -- you guessed it! -- 3G all possible right there on the little super-chip.

So if all of this is still way off in 2009, with iPhone v3, where does that leave us (hopefully later this very year!) with iPhone v2? Maybe those previous Infineon rumors have some legs?

And with Apple hyping their mobile internet platform as the "next big thing" and rumors of a larger form-factor Safari Pad (iTablet), could it make sense for Apple to unify around a single chipset supplier? Or, like TUAW, will you believe it only when you see it (and pigs) fly?

(via Apple Insider)