Even though we already covered the 3G rumor-mill several times this week, it's the grist that just keeps on... er... grist'ing.

First up, hot on the heels of Gartner and Rose, we have Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., electronic component manufacturing mega-power and long time Apple supplier, rumored to have struck gold with a 3G iPhone contract for up to 10 million units (that sure seems to be the magic number, doesn't it?) The deal may already have closed, and the next-gen Apple handset could be well on its way to production. Or not. (Commercial Times via Apple Insider)

The aforementioned Gartner has walked back from its previous rumor, now claiming all manner of uncertainty and concerns over accuracy. Yet Bank of America analyst Scott Craig and his intrepid channel investigations say we might just see the iPhone 3G in small quantities as early as May, with a larger release set for June. (Apple Insider)

And to top it all off (if only for now!), there seems to be a shortage of iPhones at New York Apple stores, with employees being none-too-chatty about when they would be replenished. Since Apple has been known to slow down distribution of older models in the face of new releases, this news, of course, has generated some OMG iPhone 3G!!11 buzz all it's own. (Huffington Post via Infinite Loop).

While the idea of Kramer and Newman(!) scouring the streets of the Big Apple in some Seinfeld-ian attempt to profiteer over the little Apple phone is certainly chuckle-inducing, what's not so funny is the sheer amount and frequency of the 3G rumors as of late. Is this a sign the El Jobso is really, truly about to take stage again with another universe-dent'er in-pocket? Or is it just that demand for both a 3G iPhone and for rumors have hit a fever-pitch?

We'll know before the FCC can leak it, no doubt. But knowing Steve Jobs, it'll only be in that last possible moment.

Oh, the drama!