Apple Insider brings word that Taiwan Economic News's sources are claiming that:

"[The iPhone 3G] weighs only 110 to 120 grams versus its first generation cousin's 158 grams. Much of the weight reduction is said to have come from a material swap that will see handset adopt a plastic casing instead of aluminum-magnesium one. In addition to weight advantage, the latest version is also more energy efficient and externally smarter. LCD screen on the phone measures 2.8 inches diagonally, a downsize from first generation`s 3.5 inches."

We already covered that Foxxcon may be producing upwards of 25 million of Apple's next generation handset, but this rumor seems to contradict Engadget's insider who claimed we'd be seeing a fatter, not thinner iPhone, and would score one in Chad's column (see the upcoming Phone Different Podcast #17 for background on the Dieter/Chad size throwdown).

And a 2.8" screen? I know I was asking for something higher density than the current 160dpi -- more along the lines of the Nano's 202dpi -- but I was hoping for more pixels, not just tighter. C'mon Apple, give me 720p already!

Besides, trying to type on a vertical soft keyboard that skinny? (And don't even joke about virtual SureType! Yikes!!)

What do you think?