A Chinese newspaper is claiming, based on "industry sources", that five new features will be coming with the next generation iPad 2, including video phone, new display technology, 3-axis gyroscope, "better mobility", and USB.

We have previously told you that sources claimed the iPad 2 is rumored to be coming equipped with two cameras for FaceTime and this list seems to repeat that rumor.

The new display technology is said to "enhance image and color output performance" so could this mean iPad 2 will be getting its own version of the Retina Display featured on the iPhone 4.

The 3-axis gyroscope would also make perfect sense to keep it on the same level as the iPhone 4 game wise. This has been a great feature of the iPhone 4 allowing for game players to utilize full motion in playing of games to help make them more realistic and bring gaming to a whole new level.

Better mobility could indicate that Apple will be utilizing a design similar to their unibody MacBook lineup. We told you about this when we posted Apple's supposed plan to create a world iPad utilizing a CDMA/GSM chipset. This would be a great reason to make the iPad 2 even more portable than the iPad is in its current state.

Probably one of the most welcomed new features would be the addition of a micro-USB port vice the standard Apple 30-pin dock connector. Europe is working on making the USB standard a legal requirement so that could be a motivator.

Most of these rumors aren't surprising and seem like the logical improvements Apple makes from one generation product to the next. Hopefully processor (Cortex A9-based?) and RAM (512 or better yet 1GB) are on the agenda as well. Are there any other features you would like to see in the next generation iPad? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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