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7-inch iPad nano rumors -- or 7-inch iPod touch maxi rumors depending on whether you measure up or down -- are back, with Shenzai gossiping that the product is done and looks like an iPhone 4.

Yes there will be a 7" tablet, yes it's well underway in terms of product development and in fact it's a finished product. Yes 5 plus different designs have been floating around to help Apple protect itself from people discovering its next product look and feel but... the final design will in fact bear more resemblance to the iPhone 4 stylings than the original iPad design.

Supposed to be FaceTime ready as well.

Could Apple be planning to segment the iPod touch/iPad tablet space with a third form factor already? The iPod touch fits the pocket, the iPad fits the lap, where would the in-between iOS device fit? Apple is notoriously stingy when it comes to customer options -- something that's kept their lines clean, focused, and highly successful over the years. So if there's any fire to this smoke, would a 7-inch device really just be for those who want a light, single book page view when in a bikini at the pool, or could Apple have something else up their sleeve?

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