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While we've had our own survey about the supposed excess heat coming from the new third-generation iPad, ChangeWave has done their own, and largely agreed with our results. After polling 200 owners, ChangeWave found that 89% didn't have any "warmgate" problems whatsoever. Besides that, their survey yielded predictably high satisfaction rates; 82% were "very satisfied", and 16% were "somewhat satisfied" with their recent purchase. Of course, the Retina display was indicated as the best feature of the new iPad by 75% of respondents, while the biggest complaint was the device cost (26%) followed by wireless data plan cost (23%). Only 7% said the new iPad's heat was their number one dislike.

For a closer look at why customer satisfaction is so high, be sure to take a look at our extensive review of the new iPad. While there aren't any particular surprises in this survey, it's good to get some hard numbers assuring that yes, people like the new iPad, and no, the heat thing really isn't a problem. I would be really interested in hearing from anyone who got a new iPad and wasn't happy with it; do  y'all know anybody who ended up returning theirs? Maybe some Australians unhappy that they couldn't get LTE on theirs after all?

A ChangeWave survey of new iPad owners

Source: ChangeWave