The display of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro has received another thorough examination, which delves into aspects of color gamut, the True Tone feature, and color accuracy. One of the interesting thing that this breakdown reveals is that to bring proper color management to iOS, Apple ported over full support for ColorSync, the management system it uses on OS X.

9.7-inch iPad Pro's display put through its paces once again

From AnandTech:

With 9.3 iOS essentially has full support for ColorSync in the same way that OS X does. ColorSync has been Apple's system for color management for many years now, and it works very well in applications that are built on top of Apple's frameworks like Quartz, Core Animation, and the entirety of AppKit. It just so happens that basically every iOS application is built on these frameworks, and so the task of building system-wide color management in to iOS was seemingly not a difficult one.

With this improved color management, the iPad Pro is better able to render colors correctly, and can properly understand and render appropriately-tagged images and videos correctly. Safari also renders CSS colors properly.

AnandTech also fond that while True Tone is fairly successful at what it attempts to do, it dismisses claims that the color-shifting mode will maintain color accuracy from a user perspective. Anyone looking to perform tasks requiring accurate colors will wish to turn the feature off. This is similar to the conclusions drawn in the DisplayMate breakdown.

You can see the full rundown of the new iPad Pro's display over at AnandTech.

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