Aaron Sorkin talks about Steve Jobs biopic, his role in Jobs' Stanford commencement address

In his latest interview tonight on Bloomberg, Aaron Sorkin reveals more about the Steve Jobs biopic that he is working on as well as his role in helping Jobs with the now famous Stanford University commencement address in 2005. Sorkin says that he does feel that there is a little bit of added pressure given that many people already have their own feelings about the man, but he says that he has met other notable players including Steve Wozniak and John Scully, both of whom Jobs had conflicts with.

Sorkin is correct in that there is a lot of pressure. There have been quite a few actors who have been rumored or confirmed for the role of Jobs in the biopic, with the latest bailing out because he felt that he wasn't a good fit to play the legendary Jobs. Christian Bale said that he was unsure he was right for the role. In terms of writing the biopic, Sorkin says of the pressure:

The same pressure that I feel when I am writing anything...but maybe with a little bit of sauce on top of pressure because he is a person that many people have strong feelings about.

And Sorkin says that he had helped Jobs fixed a few typos in the 2005 Stanford commencement address, but that the speech was all Jobs:

I don't want to suggest for a moment that any of those thoughts were my thoughts. That was the brain of Steve Jobs, and I helped him put the music to it.