ABC to air Modern Family episode shot entirely on iPhone and iPad

An upcoming episode of the ABC sitcom Modern Family, titled Connection Lost, was shot entirely with Apple's iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. The idea came from co-creator and executive producer Steven Levitan, who drew on his own real-life experiences — staying in touch with his daughters, who are away at college, over FaceTime. According to Re/code:

The episode revolves around Claire Dunphy, a working mother of three played by Julie Bowen, who is stuck in an airport and desperate to reach her daughter, Haley, to reconcile after a fight. The story plays out on her Macbook, as she employs all the forms of modern communication at her disposal, from e-mail to FaceTime to Facebook, in an attempt to locate her eldest child, played by Sarah Hyland.

John Brown, the shows graphics producer, had to recreate OS X Yosemite's interface while making sure it would look good, and stay readable, on television sets. Once that was done, however, it proved an ideal staging place for all sorts of gags and easter eggs.

A previous episode of Modern Family revolved around the launch of the original iPad.

While the iPhone — and now the iPad — have proven to be incredibly popular cameras, their use in professional photography and videography has also been increasing in recent years. Everything from fashion shows to commercials to short films have been shot, sometimes completely produced, on the iPhone.

No mobile device will replace the massive cameras and equipment of a typical Hollywood production any time soon, but most of us don't have access to that level of gear. We do have iPhones and iPads. And if the pros can get results this good, imagine what those who dream of one day being pros can learn and accomplish with the devices they already have in hand?

Modern Family's Connection Lost episode airs February 25, 2015.