ABC said to be working on an app that will let you stream live TV to your iPhone or iPadAccording to a report by the The New York Times, ABC is currently working on an app that will let users stream live TV to their iPhone, iPad or other mobile device. ABC which is a subsiduary of Disney looks to become the first American broadcaster to offer live internet streams of national and local programming.

The app will live stream ABC programming to the phones and tablets of cable and satellite subscribers, allowing those subscribers to watch “Good Morning America” on a tablet while standing in line at Starbucks, for instance, or watch “Nashville” on a smartphone while riding a bus home from work. The app could become available to some subscribers this year, according to people briefed on the project, who insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about it publicly.

To qualify for the new streaming service, you will of course have to have a current cable or satellite subscription. The model is very similar to that used in the UK where major satellite broadcaster Sky offers its SkyGo app as a free add on to its subscibers. Sky also goes one step further and offers an enhanced service where users can download content from a vast back catalogue of TV shows and movies. To get the additional options, users choose to pay an additional monthly subscription of around $7.50.

Do you like the idea of having an app that can stream live TV to match your cable subscription? Can you see yourself watching shows like “Good Morning America” on your daily commute?

Source: The New York Times