PayAnywhere is not a new service. They have been around for a while, and process 10 billion dollars annually for hundreds of thousands of businesses already signed up. Now there are no shortage of options when it comes to processing payments on the go. Square has been around for a while, PayPal has introduced their services, and there are various others as well. While many have found comfort in the Square reader, the app itself is very basic and that can limit its appeal. Whether you are looking for a new service to test out, looking for something that offers added features, or just an app that looks better, you'll want to check out PayAnywhere.

So what makes PayAnywhere different? Well, the app is designed with the business user in mind. Receipts are customized with company information, users can input an inventory of items with set pricing to use, and there are a slew of other features as well. Take a beautiful and easy to use app, and then add in the fact that their processing fee is lower than anyone else out there, and it becomes quite enticing.

PayAnywhere is offering their reader for free when you contact them, and if you are in a larger business they'll send you as many readers as you need.