Accessory of the week: Adonit Jot Pro Stylus

The Adonit Jot Pro really stood out in our recent pro stylus pen shootout. Adonit made a brave, bold choice by not going with the common fat-style silicone tip. Instead they went with a thin metal tip more like that of a mechanical pencil or fine pointed pen, and mounted it with a see-through, capacitive disk.

And it totally works.

It makes the Adonit Jot Pro feel really different than other capacitive stylus pens, and it means it takes some getting used to. It's not as smooth but it's stronger. It also means it's not ideal for all situations. It's not a general purpose tool. It's a specialist tool.

And that means it's worth another look.

As we said in the original review and the shootout, anyone with a technical drawing or drafting background, and anyone with a penchant for detail and precision penmanship will absolutely love it.

Thanks to the transparent disk, you can easily see exactly where you're placing the pen, and thanks to the metal tip, you get physical feedback immediately so you feel like you're using a real pen.

What's more, Adonit has made an SDK so apps like Procreate work even better with the Jot Pro.

While my favorite stylus pen in our recent shootout remains the marvelous and more general-purpose Pogo Sketch Pro, I like to have options in my high tech pencil case and one of those options is the Adonit Jot Pro. For pencil or pen work in Paper, for sketching in Procreate, for printing in Noteshelf or Penultimate.

If you like writing or drawing with a mechanical pencil or fine tipped pen, you'll love using the Adobit Jot Pro with your iPad.

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