ACLU and others file briefs on Apple's behalf in phone decryption case

A number of groups have formally filed amicus briefs in support of Apple in its ongoing case with the federal government. These groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Access Now, and the Wickr Foundation all argue that Apple should not be required to assist the FBI in decrypting an iPhone 5c owned by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

From Reuters:

"Law enforcement may not commandeer innocent third parties into becoming its undercover agents, its spies, or its hackers," according to a draft of the brief obtained by Reuters.

Meanwhile, Access Now and the Wickr Foundation released a joint brief, which argues that forcing Apple to comply with the court order would endanger human rights across the world:

"In some countries reliable security tools such as encryption can be the difference between life and death," their brief says. "The relief sought by the government endangers people globally who depend on robust digital security for their physical safety and wellbeing."

Tech companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter are all expected to file their own briefs on Apple's behalf at some point this month. All of them will need to be filed before March 22, when the Central District Court in California will review Apple's appeal of the original court order.

FBI vs. Apple