Hashtags; they're everywhere. And, thanks to Fetchnotes for iPhone and iPad, you can fill your digital notebook with them too. The idea, and the app for that matter is pretty simple, but at the same time using hashtags is a pretty efficient way of organising your different note lists.

By signing up to a Fetchnotes account, you can synchronize your notes across all your iOS devices, all of the time. Using it is really simple. You type out a note, and you add a suitable hashtag to it such as "#todo" or "#ideas." As you build up a larger stack of notes, you can filter out everything you're not specifically looking for just by searching for a hashtag.


By using an @ symbol you can also pull in contact data from your address book to share your notes with other people, and have the option to receive push notifications when someone else has shared notes with you. You're not limited to just the iOS app either. Fetchnotes has a web app and a Chrome Extension available to access and manage your notes, as well as the facility to send an email or text message to add something – including the hashtags – to your notebook.

Fetchnotes is totally iOS 7 opimized, simple yet really nicely designed and totally free of charge. All of your notes, all of the places, all of the hashtags, none of the payment. I'm hooked. It could just change how you take notes.

Grab it for free from the App Store at the link below. How does this look compared to your current note taker of choice? Could Fetchnotes muscles its way in?

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