Adobe announces updates to several Creative Cloud desktop apps

Adobe has announced new updates to most of its Creative Cloud desktop apps. These include new tools for graphic design, UX and web design, and video. Adobe is also introducing new touch-compatible workspaces for Windows devices.

Photoshop CC is being updated to be tightly integrated with Adobe's upcoming Fuse app, which allows you to create realistic 3D models. With this integration, you'll be able to easily insert your models into a Photoshop scene. The new version of Photoshop CC will add the Design Space, a new design experience streamlined for web, UX, and mobile app designers.

Designers can also sign up now for the technology preview of Project Comet, Adobe's Creative Cloud app meant for prototyping and designing users experiences for both the web and mobile devices.

You can read all about Adobe's forthcoming updates at the link below.

Source: Adobe