Adobe launches Photoshop Fix and Capture CC for iPhone and iPad

Adobe has launched a couple of new apps for the iPhone and iPad, Photoshop Fix and Capture CC. Fix focuses on editing your photos, while Capture CC lets you find, edit, and share your own unique design assets.

Photoshop Fix brings a number of tools to mobile that allow you to retouch and restore your photos. You can heal, liquify, lighten, darken, and smooth your photos, or adjust color, focus, and more. You can then send images that you've edited to Photoshop on your desktop using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Adobe Capture CC lets you build your own collection of design assets, everything from colors to new brushes. You can add colors to your palette from the world around you, with Capture extracting colors from your photos. You can also turn objects in your photos into vector graphics, brushes, and more. Everything you capture will be available for use in other Adobe apps if you sign in with a Creative Cloud account.

You can grab both Photoshop Fix and Capture CC from the App Store right now.

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