Adobe has today launched a mobile version of its Lightroom photo-editing suite on iPad. The Adobe Lightroom Mobile app, which works in tandem with iPad, is included as part of the company's Creative Cloud subscription suite, prices for which start at $9.99 per month. Like its desktop counterpart, the app is designed to enable professional-quality photo editing on-the-go, with realtime sync for your Lightroom collections through Creative Cloud.

The app includes a feature set that'll be familiar to photographers living in the Adobe Lightroom ecosystem — a wide array of pro photo-editing features allowing users to process images without being tethered to a desk. Images can be imported from your Lightroom collections or your on-device photo reel, and Lightroom's many sliders are controlled through tapping and swiping. Naturally, RAW photo editing is supported, allowing you to import and tweak full-quality images from a DSLR in addition to photos taken on your iPad.

You'll need the latest Adobe Lightroom 5.4 on the desktop to enable connectivity with the iPad app, so be sure to update before downloading. Adobe Lightroom mobile requires an iPad 2 or higher running iOS 7 or above, and the company's website also reveals that the app is "coming soon" for iPhone.

We'll be back with a more in-depth look later on, but for now hit up the App Store link below to take a look for yourselves.

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