Adobe has added another iPad app to its growing library called PaintCan. Instead of providing finely detailed artistic tools, PaintCan allows amateurs and pros alike to add broad, artistic filters to photos. These brushstrokes are added selectively to areas you want. Parts of the image can remain as sharp and detailed as you like, while the rest around it can look like it's been handpainted.

Here's a quick run-down of what Adobe PaintCan is capable of.

  • Presets: PaintCan features practical presets for many common painting situations. Start with Background presets, add some Details, and finish of with some Extras to create your personal masterpiece.
  • Manual Controls: If a preset doesn't suit your needs, or if you feel the desire for more control, switch to manual controls and unleash the power of PaintCan's smart brushes underneath your finger tips.
  • Sample Images: Don't know what to paint? Get started with one of PaintCan's built-in samples. Of course, you can also snap a picture with your camera, or use an image saved on your iPad.
  • Smart Brushes: PaintCan features a number of powerful smart brushes, designed to help paint common scenes, like landscapes, portraits, and still lives. They configure themselves, so that you don't have to.

The folks at Adobe are classifying the app as an experiment, and are actively seeking feedback; drop a line at if you have ideas for additions or changes.

Source: Adobe

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