Adobe Photoshop Mix for iPad

Today Adobe has released Photoshop Mix for iPad, a new image editor for tablet users that integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud. Photoshop Mix can open standard PSD files and images from Creative Cloud, Lightroom mobile, Facebook or the camera roll. Images are edited using various looks and filters, and users can also apply cut-outs to remove parts of an image, or combine multiple images into one by mixing them, hence Photoshop Mix.

Photoshop Mix brings many of the great photo editing features from Photoshop CC right to your iPad, all for free. This will allow users to edit and tweak their images on the fly without the need for a PC. Still, you can save images as PSD files within Photoshop Mix for later editing on your computer.

From what we've heard, Photoshop Mix is very hardware-intensive, so those of you using older generation iPads may want to steer clear. Though if you're a Creative Cloud user, much of the hard work is offloaded there and not done directly on your tablet.

Photoshop Mix for iPad is available now for free from the App Store.

Source: Slashgear

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