Photoshop Mix scores stylus support, new editing features, more in latest update

Also included in today's update is support for the Creative Cloud Clipboard, as well as a new tutorial to show users how to create combination images.

Here's the official rundown on what's new in Adobe Photoshop Mix version 1.5:

  • Stylus Support - For times when you wish you had smaller fingers, Photoshop Mix supports the Adobe Ink stylus. The Creative Cloud Clipboard lets you quickly store, access, and paste favorite creative assets in Mix using Ink. Mix supports Wacom and Pencil styluses, too.
  • Merge Images - In Overview, drag one image on top of another to combine them into a single image.
  • Download More Apps from Settings - Explore all Creative Cloud mobile apps just by tapping the Settings menu.
  • Send to Desktop Enhancements - Got Photoshop CC? Use the Send to Photoshop command in Mix to launch Photoshop CC on your desktop and open your file automatically. Don't have Photoshop but want to try this feature? Download the trial and use it with Mix.

As for the aforementioned combination image tutorial is concerned, Adobe notes that it should run the next time you open the app after updating. If you're pumped to check out all of the new features in Photoshop Mix 1.5 on your iPhone or iPad, be sure to hit up the store link below to grab the update.

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