Adobe Creative Profiles

Along with the launch of new mobile apps, Adobe has announced that the Creative SDK is now available as a public beta. Launched earlier this year as a private beta, Creative SDK brings Adobe's Creative Cloud services to third-party iOS developers.

With Creative SDK, Adobe is looking to keep customers within its own ecosystem, even though they use mobile apps that may not necessarily come from Adobe. The SDK brings features that include the ability to edit PSD files using a cloud processing engine, access Adobe's Creative Market, publish projects directly to Behance and much more. For now, the SDK is available only for iOS, although an Android version is in private beta.

Along with the Creative SDK, Adobe has announced Creative Profiles, which goes a step beyond the Creative Cloud sync service by giving users the ability to access their files, photos, colors, brushes, fonts, textstyles, graphics, and any other assets across devices, whether it is desktop or mobile. Adobe has mentioned that the service will be rolling out today, and that it will be free for customers with an existing Creative Cloud subscription.

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