Photoshop on a Retina MacBook Pro

Adobe's Creative Cloud video apps will soon offer proper support for the high resolution Retina displays available on modern MacBook Pro laptops. The apps have been stuck in low-res mode for what seems like an eternity (even if the Retina laptops are really just a few years old at this point), and so soon users of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Prelude CC, and the rest of the Adobe video suite will soon be enjoying true Retina quality to their work.

Additionally, Adobe's desktop video apps will be getting support for AJA RAW files and "GPU-optimized playback that delivers better performance when viewing extremely high resolution 4K and UltraHD footage from Phantom Cine, Canon RAW, and RED R3D files."

New media and project management features are also incoming: including Consolidate and Transcode, Search Bins, and multi-project workflows. Destination publishing is coming to Media Encoder, including support for multiple locations such as FTP sites and Creative Cloud folders.

It's good to see the Adobe apps getting some high resolution love, but we know there's more they can do — what do you want to see?

Source: Adobe