Instagram had to make money someday, and after being acquired by Facebook, it's clear that the strategy is going to lie in advertising. In a recent interview, Facebook's Emily White described her challenges in roping in advertisers to Instagram while not scaring off the user base. She said that though there isn't a short-term rush to get ads rolling, they should be landing sometime within the next year. We're likely see them popping up in the Discover tab, but won't see links to product web pages since the quality on mobile isn't what you'd call consistent.

By the sounds of things, the Instagram folks are very sensitive about not filling feeds with spam, and are very conscious of missteps Facebook has taken on the advertising front. Marketers are already taking advantage of Instagram's new video capabilities to give their products some visibility, and Instagram has been conducting some pretty extensive outreach with big players like Levi's.

How do you guys feel about ads in Instagram? Would it immediately turn you off from the service, or is there a way they could do it without being obnoxious?

Source: WSJ