Afterpad offers a new way to find apps for the Apple TV

While you can find Apple TV apps through the App Store on the device, some people may be looking for a different way, and a new tool has surfaced to provide just that. AfterPad, which generally focuses on gaming on iPhone and iPad, has launched a dedicated Apple TV app and game catalog. With the catalog, you can sift through the App Store's many categories to find which apps are ready for your flat screen.

From Afterpad:

This catalog aims to change that. AfterPad provides a web frontend for searching and browsing the Apple TV store, as well as curating the best of the best into an Editor's Choice section geared towards power users.

Not only does Afterpad offer separate gaming and app sections, but you'll also find individual categories for both games and apps. Each section also contains an expandable menu for even more specific categories, such as arcade games or finance apps.

It should be noted that this catalog is an early beta, so don't be surprised if you run into some bugs. You should also keep in mind that even when you find an app using the AfterPad catalog, you'll actually need to download the app itself directly on your Apple TV through the App Store.