Air Canada launches iOS 6 Passbook support for boarding passes

Air Canada has launched Passbook support for their electronic boarding passes, and submitted an update to their App Store app that will include iPhone 5 support and allow for on-device Passbook generation as well.

Customers who check-in on, or at and airport kiosk and access their Electronic Boarding Pass with a supported device (iPhone or iPod touch on iOS 6) will receive the Passbook version of the Electronic Boarding Pass. The Passbook version works just like our existing Electronic Boarding Pass and will allow customers to identify themselves at airport kiosks, check-in counters, enable them to pass through security and board their flights.

Passbook is a new feature of iOS 6 that collects all tickets, coupons, gift cards, and similar vouchers, all in one place, for convenient mobile access, including notifications and live updates.

Air Canada also says they have more Passbook enhancements planned for 2013. Frankly, I hope they have better ones as well. The current version of the Air Canada app is one of those all-too-common websites in a thin app wrapper and that's never a good user experience. (Which is still the biggest problem facing Apple's Passbook in general.)

I'm not going to hold out much hope that the Passbook updated version of the Air Canada app includes, you know, an actual native app, but the sooner large organizations learn that loading a web view into an app just isn't good enough, the better it'll be for everyone. There are tons of great development houses out there. Hire them, don't handcuff them, and let them make you great apps.

Kudos to Air Canada for the rapid integration of Passbook, relatively speaking. Now let's see them really wow us.