Air Guitar Move is an accessory that plugs into the dock connector of your iPhone or iPod touch and allows you to play air guitar -- for real. You know when that superb guitar solo hits your ears and you can’t stop yourself from half closing your eyes, leaning back and pretending it’s you pumping out the notes? Well, with this accessory that may soon become a little bit closer to reality.

The unique Air Guitar Move motion sensing guitar pick allows you to strum in the air, and your iPhone becomes a guitar. Imagine how much fun it is to really move instead of just tapping and shaking. Air Guitar Move for iPhone is a rhythm action game (think Guitar Hero) with new game play features specially designed for mobile and allows you to rock to your favorite music.

Air Guitar Move needs funding pledges of $25000 or more to start production. It currently has over $4,300 with 21 days remaining.

Take a look at the video of it in action after the break; unfortunately its a Flash video, not our fault! Then head back here and let us know what you think, is it a hit or a miss?