Airplane Mode, a New York City-based indie rock band, has released a new music video with visuals created entirely on the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. It presents the lyrics of the song "Between the Stars and You", hand-written in Procreate by artist and actor Kaitlin Large. Dave Wiskus, writing on the Airplane Mode blog:

As I was considering how to either teach her to use Illustrator or some such tool (which seemed tedious and potentially condescending) or set up a lighting and camera rig to photograph ink-and-paper lyrics (painful and out of my depth), our friend Rene Ritchie posted a video of him sketching Marvel's Jessica Jones with an Apple Pencil on his new iPad Pro, using an amazing app called Procreate, which automatically records every stroke and gives the option of exporting those strokes as a video.

The canvases were then exported from Procreate to Dropbox and edited together in Final Cut Pro X on the Mac.

This is the second video Airplane mode has created using iOS devices. Previously they shot a very different style of video using the iPhone 6 and some dancing friends.

You can watch the video above, and read more about its creation from Airplane Mode at the link below.

Source: Airplane Mode

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