AirPrint for everyone goes corporate with Printopia Pro

Ecamm Software's Printopia is an excellent utility for Mac users who want to be able to print from iOS devices but don't want to invest in an AirPrint-compatible printer. The utility installs on the Mac and enables any printer connected to that Mac (either physically or over the network) to appear as an AirPrint-compatible device on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Now Ecamm has announced Printopia Pro, a version of the software designed for corporate use.

Printopia is great for small networks like those in your home, but it runs out of gas on corporate networks. Printopia is dependent on Bonjour, Apple's name for zero-configuration networking. Bonjour is typically confined to a single subnet, however, which can limit Printopia's use if the iOS device and the wired printer are on different parts of a corporate network.

Printopia Pro employs "unicast" Bonjour, according to the developers. Unicasting is a networking technique that sends data to a single network address. As a result, Ecamm says that IT staff don't need to reconfigure network architecture to get Printopia Pro to work.

Printopia Pro is server-based, aimed at helping large groups of iOS device users - up to hundreds at a time - to print. The software provides management tools for IT staff to configure printer settings, manage print jobs and more.