Is AirView going to be Apple's go-to-marketed strategy, using an iOS 4.2 iPad or iPhone and Apple TV one-two punch combo get around tradition media? Following up on the discovery that iPad Netflix will stream to Apple TV, Seth Weintraub figures out the following:

AppleTV is a Airplay-compatible device, meaning it can stream video/sound from other Apple devices. We found out last night that it isn’t just iTunes content that it will be able to broadcast. Any H.264 content from the web can be broadcast over Airplay to your HDTV.

That includes any video that can play on your iOS 4.2 device, like: Facebook video, YouTube, Netflix, Videos, BBC News, MLB and really anything else you can watch on your iOS device. That also includes videos built into Apps and magazine subscriptions too. All of this can be beamed to your AppleTV via Airplay.

John Gruber adds the following, from a friend:

Apps using the built-in media controller views get AirPlay out for free. Apps that don’t (like Hulu) need to roll their own using AVFoundation.

So any iOS app that uses the built-in media playback views is going to be an AirPlay source.

[9to5Mac, Daring Fireball]

When you think about using iPhone or iPad to locate and bookmark video -- much faster than any remote driven TV device could ever do -- and then shooting it over to enjoy on the big screen, the plan does seem to come together, doesn't it?