Alfred, a powerful app that helps you easily control your Mac, now has a companion app for iPhone and iPad, Alfred Remote. Alfred can launch apps, perform system actions, do a web search and more, right from a simple text box, and now with Remote you can perform those actions with a tap, controlling your Mac with your iOS device.

Alfred Remote is fairly simple to set up. You'll need the latest version of Alfred, 2.6, which is available for free. In Alfred's settings on your Mac, select Remote, check Enable Alfred Remote Server, then click Add iOS Remote. Open Alfred Remote on your iPhone or iPad and it will scan for a connection, showing available computers. Select the Mac you want, then enter the code Remote gives you on your Mac, and you'll be ready to go.

From there, you have a basic set of command groups, like System Commands and Applications. These groups have default actions, but you can substitute your own. For instance if you don't use Contacts that much, but you use a Twitter app, you can swap those actions out. All changes are made through the Remote settings in Alfred for Mac.

Alfred 2 users who have purchased the Powerpack have access to some exclusive features. You're able to control iTunes on your Mac, with playback and volume controls, along with the ability to rate tracks. You can define your own clipboard snippets and save them to Remote, so with the tap of a single button you can place commonly used text in any document. You can run your own scripts as well, and AppleScripts and terminal commands.

Powerpack users can also create your own command groups from your existing workflows. Select Alfred's Workflows tab, select the workflow you want to use, then click the second icon from the right in the top right of the workflow window. From there you can manage and create Workflow remote pages.

Alfred Remote is available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad right now.

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