Survival-horror game Alien: Isolation - The Collection, will be available for Mac on September 29. This version of Alien: Isolation will pack all of the DLC previously released for the original game.

The game, first released for PC and consoles in October 2014, takes place 15 years after the classic 1974 film Alien. You play Amanda Ripley, daughter of that film's protagonist, making your way throughout the space station Sevastpool in an effort to survive alone against the deadly Alien ripping the station apart. You'll need to evade, contain, and hide from this threat as you try to find a way to escape. The add-on content includes two missions that put you in the role of a member of the Nostromo crew during the events of Alien.

When it launches on September 29, Alien: Isolation - The Collection will be available on Steam for $59.99. It will retail for the same price when it hits the Mac App Store at some point in early October.