Custom keyboards for iPhone

It's a crazy day with tons of iOS 8 app updates flying around. A brand new breed for iPhone and iPad owners is custom keyboards. We're frantically digging through new App Store releases to find anything worth looking sideways at. Read up on the implementation of custom keyboards in iOS 8 in our great explainer piece. Check out our list below, and shout out in the comments if you find any others!

  • TextExpander - Set custom shortcuts (snippets) which expand to full phrases with this custom keyboard.
  • TouchPal - A theme-friendly custom keyboard.
  • Minuum - A resizable keyboard perfect for those sticking with the smaller screen.
  • Swype - Another fantastic custom keyboard that focuses on gestures.
  • PopKey - A keyboard that uses only animated GIFs. Coming soon.
  • SwiftKey - Hugely popular custom keyboard finally on iOS.
  • Fleksy - One of the first custom keyboards for iPhone.
  • Color Keyboards - Stick close to the original keyboards, but add in your favorite colors.
  • KuaiBoard - Use this custom keyboard to drop in chunks of preset text easily for those really repetitive e-mails and form letters.
  • Adaptxt - Smart predictions based on where you're typing. Coming soon.
  • Gifmoji - Animated GIFs and emjoi available at the drop of a dime. Coming soon.
  • Emojiyo - Search for specific emoji and make shortcuts to post strings of them all at once. Coming soon.
  • Type - Change the background, transparency, and lettering of the keyboard.
  • Ginger - Share your custom skins and enjoy advanced spelling and grammar checks. Coming soon.
  • ThemeBoard - An up and coming marketplace for premium keyboard themes.
  • MyScript Stack - Bust out the stylus for this handwriting keyboard.

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