Update: A Reddit post brought to attention by The Verge claims that these are indeed fake. It's claimed the images are actually renders by a chap called Martin Hajek, and not actual part photos. Original story follows.

Original Story: Here come what just may be the first leaked parts for Apple's next generation iPhone 6. Together, the photos show both the back, inside, and front of a bigger iPhone, though it's hard to tell exactly how much bigger. The front specifically shows a gold color option, Touch ID, and a slimmer profile. (It almost looks like a larger version of the current iPod touch form factor...) The photos were posted to Twitter by Sonny Dickson and mornray886.

As always, nothing is official until Apple shows it off on the keynote stage. It's not unheard of for prototype devices to leak, but also for fake images to fall into circulation. Sonny Dickson has provided reliable device images in the past, but says he's not 100% sure about these images at this time. monray886 is an unknown at this point. In other words, treat every rumor and leak with a healthy dose of skepticism.

In the meantime, check out all of the images and let me know what you think — real or fake, and if real, what do you think?

Source: Sonny Dickson, mornray886, sonnydickson.com