Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition [Free - iTunes link] by Adult Swim is for anyone who enjoyed the regular version, the kid's game Operation, or whose tastes for Xmas humor turn decidedly towards the dark.

You are Dr. Alan Probe, an Amateur Surgeon who has had a horrible midair collision with Santa's sleigh. Now it is up to you to try to heal the injured faery-folk and save Xmas. This will be a difficult feat, as you have few skills and your tools would, frankly, scare an inquisitor from the middle ages. (What, the thought of toy grabber-arms and and etch-o-sketches as surgical gear doesn't terrify you?).

If you have a steady hand and don't mind a splash of gore in your cartoony fun, give this game a shot. The power of Christmas compels you! ….flatline

Disclaimer: Only one elf was slightly tortured to make this post.

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