Amazon attacks iPad mini, forgets Kindle Fire is useless in most countries

While announcing their Q3 numbers yesterday, Amazon took the opportunity to take a few shots at Apple and the newly announced iPad mini. Amazon listed what they think are key advantages for their Kindle Fire HD over the iPad mini, including higher screen resolutions, better speakers, and lower cost. This, perhaps, to help distract from the loss Amazon suffered during the quarter. Here's the checklist courtesy of Amazon's press release:

Compared to the iPad mini, Kindle Fire HD 7” has:

  • 30% more pixels (1,024,000 vs. 786,432 pixels)
  • 33% more pixels per inch (216 vs. 163)
  • Watch HD movies and TV – cannot on iPad mini (iPad mini is an SD device)
  • Better audio with dual stereo speakers and Dolby Digital Plus
  • Wi-Fi with dual band, dual antennas + MIMO
  • Costs $130 less

Amazon posted a $28 million operating loss last quarter, and they expect losses for next quarter as well. This isn’t good news. Neither is Amazon is bringing specs to an experience fight, a strategy that has proven catastrophic for every other iPad competitor in the history of iPad competitors. The Kindle Fire HD is particularly amusing here for a couple of reasons.

First, it's not a tablet. It's a media appliance, a front-end for the Amazon store with great shopping software and middling everything else. Second, because of that, it's barely more than a paperweight outside the small handful of countries in which Amazon sells it.

The iPad mini is a full tablet, available in 90+ countries, with the best tablet software in the industry, and over 250,000 tablet class apps.

So, as they say, good luck with that Amazon.

Source: Amazon Media Room>