More Amazon Cloud Player news today and this time it's good news for Brits, as the Mac and Windows client is now available to download from Amazon UK. The app itself has been around for Mac users for a few weeks, but having downloaded from Amazon U.S. I found the app completely unusable, but with this British version, all is well.

And it's actually a pretty nice application. It comes Retina ready so it looks fantastic on the Retina MacBook Pro, and is capable of reading your iTunes library and playing the music you have stored on your Mac in the Cloud Player app. So if you really detest iTunes, you've got yet another alternative.

The big function of course is access to your Amazon MP3 Store cloud library, and downloading your music to your Mac is a simple drag-and-drop affair. I don't buy music often, but Amazon frequently has great deals on the MP3 Store, and having easy access to that now on Mac is great news.

Grab the UK version at the source link below, and if you're an Amazon music buyer let me know how you find it.

Source: Amazon UK

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