There may well be an Apple TV refresh headed our way as part of the October 22 event in California, but an Amazon Germany listing didn't just confirm it. But, at least here in the UK, Amazon will sell you one right now at well below the regular £99 asking price! The story stems from a changed availability date on to October 23 in the listing for the current generation Apple TV. The current generation product, with current generation product specs.

I worked in retail long enough to know that you don't generally advertise – albeit extremely subtly in this case – availability of a new product with the details of an existing one. So, while the stars may align to a new Apple TV, there's only one company that will be telling us that for sure. Apple. We're as excited as everyone else, we love the Apple TV, but Amazon listings are not the place to go for your hot-off-the-press tech news.

So, will we see an Apple TV refresh next week? Maybe, maybe not. Apple has "a lot to cover" so it's perfectly feasible a new set-top box could be part of that. What is certain, is that if you look around a little, there's some deals to be had on the current generation Apple TV, like through Amazon's UK site. In stock, shipping now, you can grab yourself Apple's little black box for just £75.89, instead of the regular £99 you'll fork out at Apple. Whatever is in store for the Apple TV, that's a ridiculously good price for what's still a very capable, and enjoyable product.

We ran a poll a few days ago asking for your thoughts on any next-generation Apple TV, so if you didn't already leave us your thoughts, be sure to drop by.

via 9to5Mac

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