Netflix has enjoyed success with its original programming, and now Amazon is set to follow suit by launching its own from November 15. Two shows will set things rolling, with Alpha House beginning on November 15, and Betas following on a week later on November 22. And of course, you'll be able to watch both with the Amazon Instant Video app on your iPhone or iPad, or on your Apple TV using AirPlay.

Alpha House stars John Goodman and is the story of four "misfit Senators" who live together in Washington DC. Betas takes a different track, and follows the story of a Silicon Valley start up as they try to make it big with a new social networking app.

The biggest difference between the Amazon and Netflix offerings is the amount of content available at one time. Netflix famously offers a 'binge watching' offering, with every episode of original series like House of Cards available to watch at launch. Amazon will only be offering the first three episodes initially, before releasing weekly episodes thereafter. So Netflix is more like, well, Netflix, while Amazon is structuring more like traditional TV. At least after three episodes you should know whether or not you want to stick around for the rest.

So, Amazon subscribers; does this sound exciting to you? Will you be checking out either one?

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