Apple mocking seems to be the hot trend among rival manufacturers of late, and the latest to jump on that bandwagon is Amazon with this, the latest ad for the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. Can you tell who it's parodying? As with all efforts in this regard, the point comes across that the rival tablet is somehow better than the iPad Air based on a smattering of hardware or software features.

In this case, the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is 20% lighter than the iPad Air, and packs more pixels onto its – albeit smaller – display and costs a fair chunk of change less than the iPad as well. Not considering that it's smaller, so you'd expect it to be lighter, the remainder of Amazon's pro points have weighting.

But what about user experience? What about the customer service that Apple offers through its retail stores? Or the incredible array of tablet optimized apps available for the iPad that easily outguns the number of Android apps that can say the same?

When Apple advertises a product it often puts emphasis on experience, not specs, not picking fault with competitors. Being the big dogs in the tablet yard will undoubtedly attract this kind of attention, but does it work? What do you think to this kind of aggressive approach from competitor products? Sound off in the comments below!