The techeratti love the Kindle -- so what if it's only available in the US, is selling half-as well as the Zune, Apple targeted "reading" in a recent commercial, and Google just optimized their Books service for the iPhone? It's not like Amazon is making an iPhone reader too, is it?

Whoops! D - All Things Digital says Amazon may just be doing exactly that:

“We are excited to make Kindle books available on a range of mobile phones. We are working on that now,” an Amazon spokesman told the New York Times, while offering zero other details. [...] I’ve asked for more clarification, but I’m not hopeful–it’s difficult to get Amazon to acknowledge that the sun sets in the West. [UPDATE: Via email, an Amazon spokesman allows that "we are excited" but nothing else.] The big question is whether Amazon intends to sell titles that can be read on Apple’s (AAPL) handsets.

Makes sense. Amazon is essentially a software and services company, books for your shelves, movies for your player, even food for your fridge. They're not a consumer electronics manufacturer like Apple. Kindle-style E-Books would be a much better revenue generator for them if they -- like audio books -- could play on a variety of platforms. (We don't see Audible making their own proprietary MP3 player, do we?)

I'd love to see the Kindle's market place opened up to the iPhone. How about you? Want the latest best sellers, this term's text books, and the WSJ all beamed directly to your iPhone?

(Thanks to The Reptile for sending this in!)