Amazon has updated its mobile shopping app for the iPhone and iPad with a shiny new iOS 7 redesign, but not in the U.S. it seems. The update comes from Amazon's European based branch, and at this time the North American app looks stuck on the old iOS 6 version. But if you can get it, this version will still let you shop from Amazon U.S. and Canada.

And it's a pretty nice redesign all told. There doesn't appear to be anything new added, just the iOS 7 razzle dazzle, the swiping back gestures, it all makes us happy. Well, as happy as we can be when we're spending money, anyway. Grab it now from the App Store at the link below, and we can't help but think the North American app must surely follow soon.

Update: Looks like the U.S. version was just slower to make it out, and you folks can go ahead and download the redesigned version for yourselves right now!

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