How far would you go to save money on your smartphone? If you said "far enough to sell space on my lock screen for ads," then you probably don't care that Amazon Prime Exclusive lacks the flagship-grade smartphones your tech geek friends always gush about. The Moto E4 and IDOL 5 are hardly the most exciting devices on the block, after all. That said, the Nokia 6 is a hotly anticipated piece of kit if all of your review requests are any indication, and its arrival on Amazon Prime Exclusive coincides with its official U.S. debut.

Couple that with a $50 savings off the retail price in exchange for a few ads, and Amazon Prime Exclusive might just tempt the affordable smartphone crowd — assuming they're already Amazon Prime members, of course. For all the other caveats (and cool bits), click on through to MrMobile's test drive of Amazon Prime Exclusive!

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