While reviews of the new Apple TV are starting to trickle out, it's become clear that almost all of the video streaming apps you'd expect are coming along for the ride. One potentially large exception, however, is Amazon Prime Video, which is notably absent. In his review, Buzzfeed's John Paczkowski notes that it looks like buyers may be waiting a while:

Incidentally, that Amazon Prime Video is the exception to the conga line of content offerings above is entirely Amazon's doing. A ~magnanimous~ Apple tells BuzzFeed News that "all are welcome" on its new Apple TV platform. But Amazon — which recently purged Apple TV from its store — doesn't have a Prime Video app in the Apple TV App Store. And as of a few days ago, it hadn't submitted one. (An Amazon spokesperson told BuzzFeed News the company "doesn't have anything to share" on the topic.)

While it's no confirmation that Amazon Prime Video will not make an appearance on the new Apple TV, it's a bit of a disappointment for Prime subscribers that frequently use the service. Does the absence of Amazon Prime Video make or break your purchasing decision? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Buzzfeed