Analyst Ben Reitzes of UBS says, based on AT&T store surveys, iPhone demand remains strong long after Apple's hype machine winds down. The firm's target expectation for iPhone shipments in the fourth quarter is 800,000 units, and Reitzes believes Apple is on track to beat its set goal of 1 million iPhone shipments.

Today's published study by UBS yields some interesting factoids. One being that, despite all the naysaying, iPhone has a low return rate. Many skeptics had predicted iPhone returns en masse by frustrated consumers.

Another takeaway is iPhone, at least so far, hasn't suffered a loss in sales momentum. That surprises even myself, as I expected a sharp drop in sales within the first eight weeks of launch, as hype died down and the early adopter market had quelled.

But the report wasn't all flattering. UBS cautions that iPhone is in desperate need of critical feature integration. Among the list of must haves are the following...


So, all around the news looks pretty good for iPhone. Sales are solid with good momentum, despite tapering hype. And Apple is set to beat its sales projections. Let's pray for all our sake that Apple listens to the rising chorus of critics and answers those feature requests, ASAP.