What\'s the next generation iPhone going to be called?

What? Oh, sorry... You though we...? Nope. Dunno. Haven't the foggiest. Maybe you could tell us? When Steve Jobs pulls out the updated version of his little pocket universe dent'er, what's he going to call it?

  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone Black
  • iPhone: The Next Generation
  • iPhone Nano
  • iPhone Pro
  • i2
  • iPhone BOLDEST
  • iPhone X 2.0 "Lynx"
  • iPhone M6524X2519 (oops, Nokia's already TM'd that...)
  • iPhone Me
  • iPhone Take 2
  • iPhone Release II: Attack of the iClones
  • iPhone Air
  • iPhone Vista

No? None of the above? Well then, what do you think the next generation iPhone will be called?

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