My list of most used accessories for 2011 is rather short, but these accessories are real gems. I like to keep things nice and simple to help with productivity, and these accessories fit the bill perfectly. I don't like the wiz-bang accessories that add flash, but rather like to stick to items that add to the functionality of my iPhone or iPad. Here are a few of my favorites.

RAM windshield mounting system for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

RAM Windshield Mount

The RAM windshield suction mount is the best car mount that money can buy. I've been through a handful of car and windshield mounts, and nothing has come close to the RAM mount thus far. Its unique suction lock delivers a full and sturdy lock to the windshield with no play whatsoever.

This is the perfect mount for anyone looking to use their iPhone as a GPS system. Because of the sturdy design, even the roughest of terrain won't be a match for the RAM mount. I've been off road with this thing a number of times, and not only does it stay in place, it doesn't wiggle one bit!

Twelve South BookBook Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 4

Want to look cool while geeking out at the same time? With BookBook for iPhone, you can! I've had the BookBook case for my iPhone 4 for about half a year now, and the head-turns and double-takes haven't stopped yet. By design, the BookBook case looks more like a small poetry book. So, by nature it looks as if you're diving deep into a good poem or novel, when in reality you've just been playing Angry Birds. Great camouflage.

Marware CEO Hybrid case for iPad 2

Marware CEO Hybrid for iPad 2

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