Yeah, A-Day -- it's like that. No sooner did Apple announce the iPod Touch as the "funnest" ever (yet apparently didn't tell OS X's built in dictionary not to take issue with that obscure, yet valid usage...), then Google and T-Mobile decided to have a little, er, "fun" with it themselves:

The friendly feel of Google but funnerer, smarterer, and conecteder

No enough they're undercutting the iPhone's price by $20 ($179 vs. $199, though there are reports some would be buyers are getting it for up to $350!), and breaking out innovative features like sliding alerts and pattern, almost game-like unlock screen, and even advertising it in Google white.

No, they have to go and get with the

Well, with Windows Mobile 7 delayed until late 2009, which may be before Palm OS 2.0 even sees the light of day, and Blackberry still not even on the next generation OS radar, it's nice to see someone taking it to Apple (even if they, with a CEO on the board of Apple, and services linked to the iPhone, may be more about complementing than competing at the moment).

Still, when the dust settles, and Steve takes the stage at Macworld 2009, we'll just see who's the Funnererer...est!