iPhone and Apple Retail Store

Not even on the job of a month, Apple's new Senior Vice President of Retail is reportedly outlining new vision for the future of the Apple retail empire. Chief among Angela Ahrendts' plans are an expansion in China, improving Apple's limited mobile payments options, and a complete revamp of the highly-lauded Apple Store sales experience.

As told by 9to5Mac:

Three weeks into her tenure at Apple, Ahrendts is already reshaping the retail executive team, visiting stores, and holding calls with store managers. Most importantly, she has outlined a three-part vision for the future of Apple retail: an emphasis on China, mobile payments, and completely revamping the end-to-end Apple Store sales experience.

Ahrendts is also reorganizing the retail store executives, pushing Steve Cano (VP of Retail Stores) to international sales, and expanding the responsibilities of European Retail chief Wendy Beckman. She is also said to "have aspirations for more closely connecting the online and brick-and-mortar Apple retail experiences."

As for the Apple Retail Store experience, Ahrendts reportedly is already holding conference calls with store manages from around the globe, and has been described as warm and welcoming by employees — a distinct departure from former Apple retail executive John Browett.

She is reported to have an eye on "blurring the lines between Apple's online and physical stores in order to improve the overall experience for Apple customers." How exactly she'll manage that, isn't yet clear, but it's clear she's thinking outside of the box when it comes to overhauling how Apple sells what Apple sells.

Source: 9to5Mac